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POPPIN’ BOTTLES #14 – Crown Royal with Paul Rogers

Florida man Paul Rogers joins us to talk about Crown Royal and how it connects to his former life of crime! He gets emotional talking about his TV, love of Cape Cod Chips, and not shouting out his girl. Rob shows off his mastery of names and Josh shows how forgetful he can be. Feel […]

POPPIN’ BOTTLES #13 – Pimm’s No. 1 Cup with Josiah Jenkins

Former Chicagoan and fellow podcast host Josiah Jenkins invites us to try a tickle of Pimm’s, his homemade gin, and pickle back shots. He accidentally gives us a million dollar idea and shares his travels thru time. Rob dreams of taking a ferry to a very special town and Josh gets to give his first […]

POPPIN’ BOTTLES #12 – Foxon Park White Birch Beer with Todd Page

New Haven’s favourite son Todd Page stops by ShowPup to chat about the **proper** way to enjoy Birch Beer and how he basically grew up in Stars Hollow. We learn Rob loves ice and the entire podcast pledges their loyalty to House Modern **Cool Toddy** – 2 oz Black or Dark Rum – 12 Fresh […]

POPPIN’ BOTTLES #11 – NUUN Electrolyte Drink Tablets with Erin Elmore

Electrolytes enthusiast Erin Elmore shares about running for LUNGevity, married life, and the movie Out Of Sight. Rob finally lets us know if he will run a marathon and Josh helps makes the podcast AMSR compliant. **Erin Breeze** – 1.5 oz Coconut Rum – 5 oz Coconut Water – 1 oz Pineapple Juice – 5 […]

POPPIN’ BOTTLES #9 – Miller High Life with James Chase

Former East Coaster James Chase lets us know why he doesn’t want to live the High Life. We learn Rob’s only been to one brewery ever and Josh confesses to an Overwatch addiction. **Chase-ing Summer** – 1.5 oz Reposado Tequila – 1/4 Jalapeno sliced – Juice of 1/2 Lime – 1 oz Lemon Simple Syrup […]

POPPIN’ BOTTLES #8 – Red Bull with Brian Hurwitz

Local actor, filmmaker, and former roommate, Brian Hurwitz, stops by to not name names and say why he love/hates Red Bull. Josh tells about the best beer he’s ever had and Rob stays silent the whole episode! **Brian’s Bull Juice** – 1.5 oz Reposado Tequila – 1 oz Pineapple-coconut juice – .1/2 oz of Honey […]


The second and final part to the short film ‘Lamby’s Day Out’, this silent story is a sweet piece about love. After some days out, Lamby wonders her way around the big city before making her way back home to the family that misses her deeply. Directed by Jon Silver Produced by Jon Silver, Kate […]

POPPIN’ BOTTLES #7 – Yoo-Hoo with Linus Lee

Comic lover Linus Lee stops by the ShowPup studio to talk ‘Hoo, hangovers, and why you should be reading Saga. Rob explains he grew up in a rabbit house and Josh proves he can use a straw.

POPPIN’ BOTTLES #5 – Jeppson’s Malört with Mike Fernandez

Emmy winning filmmaker Mike Fernandez stops by the ShowPup studio to convince the world Malört tastes good. **Benji’s Bitter Buddy** 1.5 oz Jeppson’s Malört 1 oz Limoncello .5 oz Pineapple Juice Top with Squirt (Grapefruit-flavored soda) Poppin’ Bottles is a Comedic Podcast About Your Favorite Beverages. Hosted by Josh Segovia. Bottle Icon Art by Alex […]

POPPIN’ BOTTLES #1 – Daisy Cutter with Jeff Murdoch

Poppin’ Bottles is a Comedic Podcast About Your Favorite Beverages. Hosted by Josh Segovia. Bottle Icon Art by Alex Vaughn Jeff Murdoch (Second City Mainstage) stops by the ShowPup studio for a little sip of Daisy Cutter. Recipe from the episode: Good Morning Murdoch 2 Egg Whites 6 oz Daisy Cutter Pale Ale 3 oz of […]
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