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ShowPup Presents our feature Mockumentary: “The Civil Hoax: Civil War Deniers”

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‘The Civil Hoax: Civil War Deniers’ is a mockumentary exploring the ever-growing idiotic depths of historical denial, conspiracy theorists, and alternative facts. This feature comedy parodies spreading of rumors, propaganda, and ridiculous ideas about the U.S. Civil War.

Directed By Jon Silver
Written By Joey Gartner and Jon Silver
Produced By Joey Gartner, Jon Silver, and Zack Fishman
Director of Photography Kyle Nilges
Camera By Dustin Majewski, Jon Silver and Kyle Nilges
Music By Tim Joyce
Narration by Gabe Morrison

Mike Jimerson
Ryan Ben
Mike Brunlieb
Jon Silver
Joey Gartner
Kellen Terrett
Drew Mellon
Mary Beth Smith
Cari Maher
Tim Joyce
Rob Grabowski
Orlando Lara
TinseyRose Torres
Doc Kane


Trailer – “The Civil Hoax: Civil War Deniers” from ShowPup Network on Vimeo.

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