ShowPup is a media network dedicated to curating quality narrative content and providing a platform for creators. By partnering with creatives, we strive to help launch and incubate their craft.

Our goal is to provide select filmmakers, podcasters and other media artists a place for their content to live. By remaining selective, ShowPup ensures the audience will be engaged and come back for more. We help aspiring creatives get noticed and find potential collaborators, while improving their exposure.  We offer marketing, promotions, live events, production support and advice.



Built from a collection of different backgrounds, our network was born in Chicago, Illinois. A combination of different talents, our business and production people have worked for high-end brand marketing, shot award-winning videos, and been seen on multiple TV networks.



We are currently accepting submissions of scripts, treatments and any other idea you want to pitch! Send us an email or links to your current work and we will get in touch if it is a good fit. At this time, ShowPup is focused on quality narrative video and audio content.



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