Aliens Space Bats and ShowPup Productions present “Potluck” Written and Starring: Sarah Alò & Ashton Swinford Directed and Edited By: Jon Silver Camera by: Kyle Nilges Sound by: Michael Schiff Featuring: Bella Wholey Puja Mohindra Jose Gonzalez Castro Michael Brackney Janice Summers ShowPup Executive Producers: Jon Silver and Zack Fishman

Hardcore Harry

You loved the ground-breaking cinematography of Hardcore Henry, you will gasp at the framing of Hardcore Harry. An action film all in close-ups! The camera is so close, you can taste it, his face that is! Movie Trailer Parody of Hardcore Henry Starring Jordan Brown Narration by Gabe Morrison Directed and Edited by Jon Silver […]


Jeff is a middle-class white man who is feeling a little guilty after the Presidential election. He wants to give his friends a chance to get their emotions out in a safe environment. Starring: Jeff Murdoch, Elias Rios, Becca Tham, Saliha Muttalib Kaitlynn Kelly, Dan Bazaldua Directed By Bobby Richards Written By Avery Lee, Bobby […]


Part of the Make it Pop pilot and series, “The Noir Office” – Jack has a sad opinion of the world of advertising. As a copywriter, he sometimes get depressed around the office. Starring Mel Forrest, Tara Mellon, Ryan Ben, Orlando Lara, Kellen Terrett Narration by Gabe Morrison Written and Directed by Jon Silver Produced […]