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POPPIN’ BOTTLES #1 – Daisy Cutter with Jeff Murdoch

Poppin’ Bottles is a Comedic Podcast About Your Favorite Beverages. Hosted by Josh Segovia. Bottle Icon Art by Alex Vaughn Jeff Murdoch (Second City Mainstage) stops by the ShowPup studio for a little sip of Daisy Cutter. Recipe from the episode: Good Morning Murdoch 2 Egg Whites 6 oz Daisy Cutter Pale Ale 3 oz of […]

POPPIN’ BOTTLES #2 – The French Champagne with Aaron and Nick

  In Episode #2,  Aaron Bliden and Nick Wilby pop some tunes and a bottle of Veuve Clicquot. Ruby, My Dear 1 Muddled Raspberry 3/4 oz Elderflower Liqueur 5 oz Veuve Clicquot Garnish with a Frozen Raspberry Poppin’ Bottles is a Comedic Podcast About Your Favorite Beverages. Hosted by Josh Segovia. Bottle Icon Art by Alex Vaughn

Schtick and Mortar Archive

Archived Episodes of Schtick and Mortar Podcast Jon Silver and Zack Fishman recorded several podcasts in 2015. Schtick and Mortar Podcast is the product of conversations, interviews, silly bits and other content from of Zack Fishman and Jon Silver. Schtick and Mortar Podcast covers topics from comedy to business and more. SCHTICK & MORTAR Episodes

New Series Trailer – ‘BEAUTIFUL MESS’

ShowPup presents a new series pilot ‘Beautiful Mess’ Sara and Aster, two women struggling in their relationships, find themselves dismantled by the world around them. These friends were brought together by chance and the shared struggle of feeling like their lives haven’t quite started yet. Despite being in their mid 30s, Sara and Aster both […]


PAID COMMERCIAL ANNOUNCEMENT Adam and Ryan are here to tell you about an amazing new product! Starring Adam Schreck and Ryan Ben Written by Adam Schreck and Ryan Ben Directed, Shot and Edited by Jon Silver Executive Producer Jon Silver and Zack Fishman


Snack Williams and Nibbles Williams have an important message about their charity. Starring Ryan Ben and Adam Schreck Written by Ryan Ben and Adam Schreck Shot, Edited and Directed by Jon Silver Executive Producers Jon Silver and Zack Fishman Copyright 2018 ShowPup Productions

“The Civil Hoax: Civil War Deniers” Premieres in Chicago

After nearly 2 years of production, our first feature film is premiering May 5 in Chicago. This has been a very long, but enjoyable process and I am excited to share the film. Joey Gartner and I came up with the idea for the movie after seeing several mind-blowing documentaries, which changed our perspectives on […]

Cannes’ Case Against Netflix is Pretty Weak

Image courtesy of france-amerique.com By Hank Strickler In 2017, audiences at the Cannes Film Festival booed several Netflix films when the streaming giant’s logo appeared on screen. The crowd reaction was in response to Netflix’s decision to circumvent a theatrical run and release their films “direct-to-platform.” Well-known for being defensive of their cinemas, French audiences […]


Rob has trouble with a window. Staring: Rob Grabowski and Ryan Ben Created by: Rob Grabowski Ryan Ben Avery Lee Bobby Richards Jon Silver Directed by: Jon Silver Edited by: Jon Silver Music by: Eric Braband Executive Producers: Jon Silver and Zack Fishman


By Hank Strickler Since the advent of film festivals, numerous aspiring moviemakers have labored to win the favor of festival judges across the world. Most of the time, their attempts end in disappointment. While an avalanche of advice is available for people willing to ask around, unfortunately it’s often contradictory. Like anyone trying to break […]