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New Feature Film – ‘The Premiere’

ShowPup Productions has officially kicked off a new film production.

Our goal is to produce a high-energy comedy/drama with realistic characters set in the film world of
Chicago. Being honest about the state of movie-going, while using humor to drive a character-based story. Pulling from personal inspiration and a hint of magical realism, Jon Silver will bring the same tone that won awards for his previous film ’Dinner in Hyde Park’.

The Premiere explores themes of art, culture, race, money and the film industry. Far from Hollywood, Chicago media artists often struggle with lack of fame and success, but most of all ego and artistic expression. This dramedy delves deep into the realities of being a young artist today.

The indie film industry is slowly worsening for independent artists due to monopolies and consumer behavior. The young media professionals are being forced more and more to align their interests with large corporations, making unique voices more and more scarce. Without these enriching independent films, our culture can continue to decay and divide. This film not only focuses on some of the ironic realities of the film world, but it also expresses the struggles of young artists.

Written & Directed by Jon Silver
Director of Photography Michael Fernandez
Produced by Jenny Arglye Hogan
Executive Producer Zack Fishman

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