Screen: Righter

    WINNER of ‘Best Comedy’ and ‘Best of Fest’ at ShowPup Short Film Festival. A young woman rushes to her love, but the two woman are having a difficult time coming together as an inspired producer injects his ideas into the story. Director – T.C. De Witt Written by TC De Witt and Chad Halvorsen Edited […]


    Two Hitmen, new to the business, attempt to dispose of a body. Starring: Drew Mellon and Kellen Terrett With Gabe Morrison as StrongMan Camera by: Jon Silver Sound by: Avery Lee

    Hardcore Harry

    You loved the ground-breaking cinematography of Hardcore Henry, you will gasp at the framing of Hardcore Harry. An action film all in close-ups! The camera is so close, you can taste it, his face that is! Movie Trailer Parody of Hardcore Henry Starring Jordan Brown Narration by Gabe Morrison Directed and Edited by Jon Silver […]


    A couple anxiously await the results of a pregnancy test. A very short comedy by Bobby Richards & Avery Lee Directed by Bobby Richards Starring Avery Lee & Emily Peterson


    An absurdist satire of a man’s search for happiness via a surprisingly powerful companion. Official Selection – Latino Short Film Festival | Nominated for Best Comedy Directed By Jon Silver Written By Orlando Lara Director of Photography Kyle Nilges Produced By Jon Silver and Orlando Lara Edited by Jon Silver Starring: Orlando Lara, Meg Kennedy, […]